Lightspeed Payments reconciliation/payouts

kailaseguinkailaseguin Member Posts: 16

Has anyone figured out how to reconcile lightspeed payments in their bookeeping software?

Obviously the daily sales and the payout from lightspeed don't match up because they deduct the fees, but how do i show this ?

(I use Shogo through lightspeed and there are no reports for this)


  • LightUserLightUser Member Posts: 16

    This is a question I would like answered as well.

  • LightUserLightUser Member Posts: 16
  • HBAEngravingHBAEngraving Member Posts: 14

    They need to move to a monthly like most other POS systems do and deposit full amount and once a month Debit said account for fees, I speed at least 2- 3 hours month going over transactions.

  • DonLewisDonLewis Member Posts: 4

    This is one I have had some success with, unlike Purchase Orders.

    If you go to the Lightspeed Payments, Payouts. Pick a particular payout. If you have several credit card payments realize that all of the Debit card payments for a particular day are summed together. Sometimes but not always the other cards are summed together. I created a form to help reconciling them. We send these to Quickbooks via the Shogo interface which is not always helpful.

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