closeDate not available when Order closed

In some cases we are receiving the close order webhook, but when we request the Get check by account Id /o/op/1/order/account/{id}/getCheck the response does not contain the closeDate field, please check the example below::

    "clientCount": 4,
    "uuid": "bd04f88c-8a23-4120-90a2-8bc003fd590d",
    "openDate": "2022-02-09T13:46:37.427+0000",
    "paidAmount": 0.0,
    "currentAmount": 20.0,
    "name": "servme, Table 2",
    "staffName": "Online Order",
    "staffId": 81425,
    "ikaccountId": "A39695.248",
    "number": 0,
    "tableNumber": 2,
    "deviceId": 0,
            "id": 681959202227319,
            "itemName": "Food",
            "unitAmount": 20.0,
            "quantity": 1.0,
            "amountWithTax": 20.0,
            "discountedAmount": 0.0,
            "active": true,
            "taxIncluded": true
            "paymentMethodDescription": "Cash",
            "paymentMethodCode": "CASH",
            "amountPaid": 20.0,
            "active": true

We depend on that field to check if the order was closed, can you please check this issue ?

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