Label Customization for Enable Zebra Browser Print and Lightspeed Hub

smedsmed Member Posts: 2

This part of LightSpeed really needs some work... not having the ability when using LightSpeed Hub to do even the simplest of customizations such as adjusting the size of the font for Price and Description make this unusable for us.

We have many product that have 5 digit prices and very long descriptions for both the item and it's colour.

Without the ability to change the size of the font on the price tags the descriptions are almost always cut off.

It's a real shame because the print quality on the labels using Zebra ZD410 is far superior using the Hub than using the Print Template in LightSpeed.


  • BurnerscigarcoBurnerscigarco Member Posts: 9

    We've inquired about this as well and we were informed that it could be done, however it's only possible by writing a new code in the print template. Which if you're like me is not an easy process.

  • TomBTomB Member, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 16 Lightspeed

    Were you able to achieve the desired results using the new Label Editor? Contact support if you need assistance or if it's missing a configuration important for your business.

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