Issues with product exports/imports

BurnerscigarcoBurnerscigarco Member Posts: 9

Has anyone had issues recently with product information not exporting in the proper format or issues where the import showed successful but the product information did not properly update?

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  • emacgeeemacgee Member Posts: 65 

    Hi @Burnerscigarco, what specifically have you seen not properly update? I do know that you have to format imports specifically in order to update Vendor Costs instead of just Default Cost. It requires the Vendor, Vendor ID, and Vendor Costs fields. Otherwise, it sucks that you can export useless columns like Season and Department but not useful ones like Archived or Tags. If you're running into import issues then it would be worth going to Settings -->Jobs and seeing what the import says. You could be running into issues if you're not formatting the file correctly.

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