What is best way to manage images for Matrix inventory items?

FadoNYFadoNY Member Posts: 1
I am currently utilizing matrixes to load various apparel variations in color and size. I am curious what is best sequence to load images of items. I know there is the ability to do so at upload stage on the .csv file for import option, but sometimes I do not have images ready at the same time I am loading inventory via file. I am then having some challenges with loading images at the matrix level vs. item level and ensuring they are appropriate on ecommerce. The images load fine from matrix level to ecommerce. The issue comes to when I use iPad pos @ store, the items @ sku level (not matrix) themselves need an image associated with it to properly display on iPad for selection visually. I feel like I am in a an episode of whose on first. Does anyone have recommendation on how to best manage images in these instances. Thank you.

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