Orders from Quebec - Multiple Serious Issues for LS North America

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Hello LS community,

From September Sept 2021 to Feb 16, 2022, no records from orders originating from Quebec were feeding through to LS Retail from eCom for North-American customers (excluding Quebec.) This had a massive effect on our inventory, financial records and tax reporting. Through the support ticket process, Lightspeed communicated to us that this was a known issue for shops outside of Quebec, this was not communicated to customers.

Come Feb 16, 2022, data from Quebec orders started feeding through to LS Retail, however, none are charged QST on the website as required by the CRA and provincial jurisdictions. Retailers are held financially responsible for taxes that are not accurately collected by our Lightspeed POS.  

We were instructed by a Customer Success Manager that Lightspeed would not be fixing these issues until they launch their new eCom platform, with an ETA of approximately 2 years.

Since we cannot continue to do the following for the next 2 years:

a) manually input all orders coming from Quebec into Retail.

b) Soliciting QST from customers after their initial purchase

Has anybody found a solution to this? Manual tax overrides are not solving this issue either.

Any step in the right direction would be much appreciated! Thanks.


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    Wow, that's quite a predicament. Not very "omnichannel." My solution would be to move to a different e-com platform. Waiting 2 years for a fix of basic tax calculations is ludicrous. Shopify e-com properly handles all of that out of the box, and is a much more mature, functional platform. And plenty of third party integrators have wired up with Lightspeed Retail.

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    Thanks for the info Greg!

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    For interested parties I have built a plugin which solves this problem and successfully transfers QST Orders to Retail. Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in this product.

  • AO_GearHubAO_GearHub Member Posts: 5

    Thanks Bram! Good to know!

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