FEATURE REQUEST: Simple easy markdown option for retail stores

beyourself_boutiquebeyourself_boutique Member Posts: 1
edited February 22 in Feedback

Currently there is no easy way to do a markdown for our retail store. We are a women's retail boutique and do markdowns often. This is to get rid of things that aren't selling or going out of season, etc. It would be helpful to have a "Markdown" option where you can go in and type in or select the items you are marking down and then apply a discount to those items. We have tried all the other suggestions (price rules, bulk price changes, quick edit items...) none of these work or are super time consuming. Why anyone would want to only mark down according to a category or by brand, makes no sense to me. Please make this easier and simpler.


-select items you wish to markdown

-apply a discount to the items

-print off new markdown tags for items in one swoop


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