Vendor Setup Feedback/Feature Requests

LOTZDavidLOTZDavid Member Posts: 1

Importing Vendors from catalogs right now is VERY clunky and unnecessarily time consuming.

By selecting vendor categories applicable to our store I automatically imported over 600 vendors, when in reality I only use ~150 of the vendors listed. Now I must manually disable the non-applicable vendors.

This would be much better if any or all of the following features were available:

Import only select vendors - not just by category

Imported vendors come in disabled by default (or user able to select default enable/disable)

Mass-disable vendors - i.e. a "check/uncheck all displayed" box at the top of the list like any modern e-mail client has.

Also... why can't I just flat delete a vendor? Must be disabled or merged??? What a pain.


  • JYASJYAS Member Posts: 2

    That button is a little scary for the reasons you mentioned. I agree that it needs to be more flexible.

    For the system to work better, you shouldn't be able to delete a catalog. That way when you want to import new vendors, Lightspeed would check what catalogs are available and only import [or give you a check list of vendors to import] any new catalogs.

    You should be able to delete a vendor with no catalog, just like you can a Brand. Lightspeed should just give a you confirmation box so you don't delete one by accident.

  • r0r0b0tr0r0b0t Member Posts: 9

    +1 for "Mass-disable vendors - i.e. a "check/uncheck all displayed" box at the top of the list"

  • DarrenSDarrenS Member Posts: 2

    I have over 6000 venders in my list. Use maybe 2-3 hundred. Don't have a day and a half to mess with it. Please streamline the process.

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