Automatic assembly at checkout

antron2000antron2000 Member Posts: 1

In the same way that you can automatically have single items convert into a box on the sale screen, it would be cool if you can have the components of an assembly automatically convert into an assembly at the sale.

For example: we sell wake boards and some brands have an advertised price for their package deals - the board and bindings - that's a better deal than buying the individual pieces separately. The thing is, we frequently end up in a situation where the binding that comes with it isn't the best option for the customer, so we trade the bindings that come with it for something else. To complete this sale, the employee would have to break down the assembly, then search for and add the individual items to the sale. To try to simplify things for the sales associates, we decided to just sell the items separately instead of having assemblies. The problem with this is when the customer is purchasing the items that make up a package deal, we have to manually adjust the price of the separate items to try and match the package deal price.

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