Recommendations on Reporting Integrations or Upgrades?

spferreiraspferreira Member Posts: 17

Exported reports from Lightspeed require lots of editing and fussing. There aren't many ways to sort or pull data directly with built reports. Besides being time consuming there is a lot of room for error by merging and editing reports after export.

Do you have any recommendations on integrations that help with reporting in Lightspeed? Have tried Analytics and find it not to be incredibly useful.

Mostly looking to solve some of these issues

  • Reporting on Inventory Returned or Received categorized and subtotaled by vendor over a period of time
  • Export with formulas included
  • Displaying costs and system IDs on all Inventory Count module pages, especially the reconcile section
  • Merging negative inventory with costs on asset reports
  • Generally being able to include and sort by categories on reports
  • Produce an sales by item report grouped by register or other criteria
  • "Printing" a report to print all data rows, not just the displayed web page rows
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