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Is there any option on collection page where I can show product listing sort by availability like "out of stock" or "in stock" products?

If it's not possible in sorting then any way I can show these within filters or sidebar?

I tried to find in docs however didn't find anything.

Please suggest.




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    Not on the collection page, unfortunately. You're only option is to choose whether the item(s) is; "hidden", "always show", or "show when in stock" via the backend.

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    I believe that some themes allow this and if you have a developer it can be coded regardless of theme I believe.

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    Hi @zack, little bit late that I’ve seen your message! It can be done with some custom works. Also it’s possible to automatically apply filters based on color, clothing size or any other other which has a pattern. Feel free to reach out by email, maybe I can be at service.

    @AzT its very tricky if you do it in the theme itself. The pagination won’t work properly anymore. Beside that, if your settings are not properly configured, the “active variant” won’t switch to another variant when it’s out of stock.

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