How do you find out updates and what has changed?

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Our application has clearly had some changes recently and there is now an indicator of (R-Series) besides the Retail dropdown name. If I go to Help and Release Notes, there hasn't been an update in ages and the ones there aren't very meaningful.

I'm looking because we have had some very weird crashes of the application and errors with notes ending up on the wrong workorders in the last few days. My staff are coming to me and I have no idea and get no information when I go looking.

I came here to the discussion area to see if there is any info and I can't find any. Only the same complaints about the same broken parts of a POS that should be amazing and isn't. I'm 14 years into using it exclusively.



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  • mattangermattanger Member Posts: 106 ✭

    I don't think that any "major" updates or bugfixes have been release in years, and what you see on the release notes or here: is about as good as you're going to get.

    I don't use Retail day-to-day, but I attempt to keep track of changes for an app I run.. and there haven't been any in a long, long, time.

    Matt Anger

  • morganbaptistamorganbaptista Member Posts: 2

    That's a great question.. it seems like there are a bunch of us who are left looking for answers when there are none..

  • ShootersshedShootersshed Member Posts: 141 
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    Release notes page hasn't been updated since Sept 2021.

    Just keep clicking around on the software and when you see something that looks different, then it's been updated.

    Or it's just broken....

  • markhmarkh Member Posts: 3

    I too find it disappointing there is no way to see the updates which occur. I typically find out when something no longer works. Like this afternoon, our Zebra label printer is not functioning in all of our stores.

  • desi00desi00 Member Posts: 3

    YES! Would love to have transparency on things that are changing, maybe even a townhall to discuss each change and other work around if certain features are disabled or moved.

  • alanlloydalanlloyd Member Posts: 74 ✭

    Release notes? No one even monitors this community board anymore. If they did, it wouldn't be a waste of time for me to write:

    Hey Lightspeed, can you put some notes on the release notes page? It's aboot time, eh? (a little Canadian humor there)

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 901 

    The upside about this is that Retail is a relatively static solution and isn't updated as often as others are. But having some sort of consistent communication prior to release updates would be nice.

  • ShootersshedShootersshed Member Posts: 141 

    @gregarican so it's a bit like Bold and the Beautiful.

    You can use LS Retail for a bit, leave and when you come back later you can still easily follow the storyline.....

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