QR Codes for inventory items within Lightspeed Retail

Hutchs_EastsideHutchs_Eastside Member Posts: 1

We are wondering if it's possible to add the ability within Lightspeed Retail to create QR codes which can be placed on "price tags" that are then scanned by customers to see price, specs, etc for a product on the floor? Any price change could be immediately visible upon a scan for any product that already had it's QR code on the price tag, making price figures and barcodes unnecessary. This feature would be invaluable by saving on sticker stock and extra labor to update price tags as prices inevitably get jacked up in todays retail landscape. It would also alleviate the awkward situations when people see price tags that haven't been updated yet, resulting in lost profits due to us honoring the "wrong" price. Thanks much.

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