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We sell secondhand camera gear and a lot of costumers also trade-in there old gear. When we make a new product in Retail we can add information as:

Purchase price,

Selling price




Is there an option to add more information? We want to add information like:

Condition (Mind, good condition, etc)

Accessoires (Charger, usb cable, battery, box, etc)



That way we don't have to go into Ecom later to add all this information but we can do this at the moment we buy the product and add it to Retail.


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    You can create custom fields in Retail for products, although as far as I'm aware these aren't visible/accessible outside of the product detail form in the Retail web UI and via the Retail API. Plus the more custom fields you have the slower Retail responds when you are querying, creating, or modifying product records. Not sure if these custom fields can be auto-mapped directly from Retail into Ecom or not. If Lightspeed touts their omnichannel solution then it should.

    Our smaller subsidiary company uses Retail with a lot of custom fields for products. We have an API integration over into Shopify for e-com. And those fields appear as product bullet points to the online shopper. Like this -->

  • CameratweedehandsCameratweedehands Member Posts: 2

    Thank you for your comment. How do you mean you have an API Integration over into shopify for Ecom?

    If somebody knows if it possible if those fields can be auto-mapped to Ecom please let me know. So we just want to add some extra fields in Retail that are shown in Ecom.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 908 

    I mean in-house we custom developed an integration between Lightspeed Retail and Shopify, so that our in-store Retail products are synced with Shopify e-com. Using both vendor's API.

    When you are talking about adding some extra fields to Retail then I believe the only option involves using custom fields. But none of these automatically map anywhere. You would need to likely look into a third party solution provider.

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