Purchase orders sent with vendor IDs in random order.

jaredehlersjaredehlers Member Posts: 3

Confirmed with a customer service agent today that POs are sent with the items in a random order and there is no way to send them with either the product name or vendor IDs in an ascending or descending A-Z order (even if in that order when sent). Would very much like to see that ability since that causes us to have to hunt around invoices, etc. for items since they are in a random order (which seems like an odd design).

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  • dhicksdhicks Member Posts: 32

    Agreed!!! It seems like it would naturally have some kind of order...almost like it would take special coding to make it random vs a natural A-Z, 1-3 order. It does make searching for something specific in a PO very challenging...without having any logic...almost sounds like what a evil coder would do to wreak havoc on innocent users...and laughing in their sinister laugh behind the keyboard!! hahahahahahaha......(in the best sinister voice)

    Please help us be able to have some logic or order...it should be an easy win on the programming side...but if it isn't please comment on here and tell us that it is to complex of a task to code or that it is very difficult to implement...or you can confirm that this is an easy task and will consider implementing it in the next release. I don't know...any kind of feedback would be great!!!

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