Ongoing import issues with new system updates.

danhigginbothamdanhigginbotham Member Posts: 1

As the Title says, we frequently have import issues when new patches are rolled out. It feels as if many of these updates are made live without proper testing.

Just within the last year i can think of 3-4 times that they have had to roll back patches because they ultimately brick the import feature preventing us from uploading new inventory (of which we do 3-6 daily imports).

This is costing our small business tens of thousands of dollars a year due to loss of sales and interrupt workflow and forcing us to increase employee hours to catch back up when it comes back online.

It continues to be an issue, that is forcing us to consider looking elsewhere for retail platforms. Something we dont want to do considering how much we have invested our business into using lightspeed as our retail and ecom platform.

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