ARJLARJL Member Posts: 1

Would love it if there were a way to toggle a "show product image" during an inventory search. Humans are visual creatures and it's a lot easier to find something you're looking for (and faster too) if you can see a photo of it instead of trying to read a bunch of descriptions.

Would also help for an "at a glance" review of what is in inventory for say a specific category or tag.


  • mike_fourthmike_fourth Member Posts: 11

    +1 for this request - this would help us a ton, especially if a tag fell off an item and we need to find it quickly to make the sale.

  • BlueMountainMusicBlueMountainMusic Member Posts: 49 ✭


    They'll probably add it as a new for-pay add-on module.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 908 

    What's amazing is that Lightspeed Analytics is reportedly the advanced reporting package that's offered. A step up over the canned/limited Lighspeed Retail reports. Lo and behold the last time we subscribed to Analytics, it couldn't even display the primary product image on reports. Couldn't display any product custom fields either.

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