Slow response - Cloudflare (Omaha) errors

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Over the past four days, we have seen slow response on various LS Retail screens as well as 5-10 Cloudflare - Omaha errors (indicating it can't connect with the servers on Cloudflare - a service LS uses to serve-up the retail site.

Undoubtedly this has to do with where you might be in the world. We are in a fairly isolated area of SW Colorado (and we like it that way).

I have reported this to Lightspeed and they basically said "okay".

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  • rocketfizz_alexrocketfizz_alex Member Posts: 3

    I used to use Cloudflare, but switched to Google DNS since LSR recommends it.

    I continued to see issues since switching to Google, so I ended up just replacing my ISP's modem/router with my own (NetGear). Aside from LSR incidents and outages and configuring the router software, there have been no more issues...on my end at least!

  • alanlloydalanlloyd Member Posts: 76 ✭

    @rocketfizz_alex When we saw this error, I was able to replicate it at my home 25 miles away and on a completely separate network. It had nothing to do with my local router(s).

    Here is a pretty good article about the various reasons why it is a bad idea to use Google DNS on your production network:

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