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First of all: we sell residential solar-energy systems, might be good to know before I start my question.

I am making an automated-quote system based on a bunch of questions a customer has to answer in a form.
The problem is adding products to the quote, I have to make a new call for every product that I would like to add. With a rate limit of 300 every 5 minutes, I don't think I can do all:
  1. Check if customer exists
  2. Add customer if he doesn't
  3. Add solar panels
  4. Add PV Inverter (with all needs that come with it with certain brands)
  5. Add all construction material (hooks, rail, and the other things)
  6. Any electra stuff that's needed (cables, connectors, fuses)
  7. Set all of the following to the right quantity (you rarely need 1 of a thing in this business)
I think I need to make about 30 or even more calls for each and every quote that we are having. And this is with JUST our quote system and nothing else (we have a lot of plans already for other API-related things).

Is there any faster and especially more efficient way to make a quote by adding multiple products at once?
If yes, does anyone have any examples?

I have made a custom version of the PHP Client, but it functions roughly the same, so PHP Client, CURL or any other examples are welcome :smile:

Thank you in advance!


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    Same topic, but different question: is it possible to send the quote to the customer through the API? I haven't seen it myself but I may or may not be looking past it.

    @Michael Carey

    Solar Bouwmarkt B.V.
    Software Engineer & Sales Support Manager
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    If the customer is specified in the quote, it will be found in the user's cart when he/she log in his/her account.
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