Credit card terminal switching

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How can I lock a register to stop switching between two different credit card terminals? I do not understand why it would even give an option to switch. If the answer is with the register, how do I stop that from switching between registers? the lock feature does not work. Please make a feature that does not allow a register & a cc terminal from being able to switch without a lock and a password.


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    This is probably one of the biggest complaints you'll see on this forum. Sadly . . . there is no answer. I wrote the register number on the monitor frame as close to where the option to switch terminals on the screen is. Every day I have registers switch terminals. Super fun when someone pays for a $15 bag of dog treats when they are buying a $200 dog bed . . . because another cashier's register decided to light-up a different terminal. Maddening! One suggestion is to never let a cashier use any other register other than the one they start the day on. We aren't doing that because it makes for a terrible customer-service scenario. Plus . . . people go to lunch!

    Sorry, but just do a search on this topic and you'll see the collective disgust over this 'feature'.

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    We had the same issue and were advised to move toIpads which has pretty much solved that issue

  • alanlloydalanlloyd Member Posts: 74 ✭

    Standard disclaimer: I actually love Lightspeed . . . except for a few really annoying problems and their on-again-off-again reliability. Lightspeed makes my life easier . . . but (especially lately) a living hell sometimes (reliability, slow credit card processing, register swaps)

    @cdoremus I'm going to bet that the reason Lightspeed support advises using IPads is that it keeps each account on only ONE machine. There's nothing magical about a tablet. The "fix" was simply an artifact of the fact that your people probably never move from one IPad to another. You could test this by letting multiple people log on to one of your IPads all day. I almost guarantee the problem will be back.

    I'm not going to run my business with tablet computers. I have three warehouse workers that need honest-to-god computers . . . with wired and wireless scanners . . . . and label printers. I'm not going to rely on wireless (and slow) internet connectivity. I'm going to use gigabit ethernet with twisted-pair wiring because I don't feel like competing with all the other signals on 2.4 and 5 GHz in my shopping center!

    I dare someone at Lightspeed to advise me to use IPads as my cash registers.

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    "Lightspeed makes my life easier . . . but (especially lately) a living hell sometimes (reliability, slow credit card processing, register swaps)"

    We have been experiencing these exact same problems (mainly since around the holidays). Lightspeed is costing us money and customers.

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    On the contrary, Lightspeed most often suggests I use a computer rather than an iPad for the register. In my case, that's not going to happen. Employees aren't always the sharpest knives in the drawer, so the iPad app with it's very simple sales screen (with photos of the items) makes for far less stress and headache for me.

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    This is one of the worst issues I have to deal with. Mostly because it's my cashiers who are having to deal with it. They are handling hundreds of customers a day and now they have to remember to pay attention to which register the CC terminal is connected to. On top of that, if there is a mistake, the customers don't understand. All they know is they just paid for someone else products.

  • cdoremuscdoremus Member Posts: 19

    My staff bounce from one ipad to another all day long and one every few months we may see the jumping issue arise but it's very rare now.

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    We have been using Lightspeed for 2 years now. Our staff are just now getting in the habit of ALWAYS looking to be sure the selected register is correct with the one they are on, and the correct terminal is selected. We rarely see it now, but in the beginning I was right where you all are, loosing hundreds of dollars for a very fixable reason. And yes, customers dont care and they loose confidence in you as a business, especially since we were brand new!

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