Bbpos WisePOS E slow to start.

sohasurfshopsohasurfshop Member Posts: 6

New to lightspeed here. But so far not happy with the WisePOS E terminals. They are slow to initiate after clicking payment. We have waited up to 30 secs for the price to show up.

We’ve changed the DNS to googles dns servers, and using Ethernet connections. Shocked that the usb doesn’t do direct connection or does it have Bluetooth?

we are using computers. If anyone has some suggestions I would love some help. Did everything with support but didn’t solve the problem.


  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 901 

    This seems to be common theme on here. And for a variety of terminals. If the terminal is slow between the time the card is read and the response code comes back, then that's an issue with the terminal hardware communicating with the payment processor. But if the terminal is slow between the time the operator clicks the payment button in Retail POS and the terminal is ready to accept the card read, then that's an issue with Retail POS communicating with the terminal.

    If your scenario is the latter, then this is something that Lightspeed should aggressively address. Figure that same scenario happens with other terminal hardware as well. Different hardware, but same Retail POS trying to communicate with it.

    Typically it's a lot of finger pointing in all directions First the retailer and their Internet connection, then the retail software provider and the hardware provider, and then the hardware provider and the payment processor. I know from experience it's a time-consuming process!

  • sohasurfshopsohasurfshop Member Posts: 6

    Thanks, its from POS to terminal, can sometimes take upto 20 secs. to the point we wonder if its communicating.

  • JeffLydenJeffLyden Member Posts: 1

    Same here. I use the wise POS terminals in two locations since may 1st and have been complaining about this 15 sec lag. I used to use the Genius terminals with Cayan - worked perfectly on the same system. Kicking myself for replacing a working system to save a few bucks on the pos. Ugh.

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