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Hello Forum,

My name is Moses. I'm a freelancer working with a wholesale company and a 3rd party developer on a Lightspeed API integration with Drupal.  The importer needs several pieces of information to be completed and functional. Those are as follows:

1) The "new" server address for Lightspeed

2) The login credential 

3) The current version of Lightspeed (may be a new version)

Please specify how I go about finding this information. Are there any articles or videos that might help me finding this information so I can get it for my employer and share it with the developer?

- Moses from Texas


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  • jamesratcliffejamesratcliffe Administrator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 160 moderator
    @mkidd Because Lightspeed OnSite is self-hosted, we don't have that information. You'll have to get it from the merchant.

    The server address is generally their public IP address, but it will depend on their network setup.
    James Ratcliffe
    Lightspeed HQ
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