Link Products to display on product page

bdstrohsbdstrohs Member Posts: 8

To get around the image restriction and allow each color variant to display on the collection page, we set up individual matrices by color. For instance, Tee Purple and Tee White are each their own matrix. Is there a way to combine or link these two matrices so a different color can be selected on the product page?


  • larry_nalzarolarry_nalzaro Member Posts: 30

    No you can't combine the two matrices under one product. You will have to re-create the matrix on each product if you want your shopper to have the option to select a color. Yes, its redundant work but there is no other way.

  • OnlineDistributeurOnlineDistributeur Member Posts: 22

    We have actually successfully created this for a number of our clients, so it is possible with a little bit of custom work

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