Make a "Layaway" Button like there is a "Special Orders" button on the Inventory Page

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A general POS "Associate" should have access to see a "Layaways" list just like they can currently see a "Special Orders" list using the "Special Orders" button available on the "Inventory" page. Right now, for an "Associate" to see a "Layaways" list they need to be given "Reports" access in the "Employee Roles" settings. By turning on "Reports" in the Employee Roles, that then gives an "Associate" FULL ACCESS to ALL REPORTS. That is way to much access just for an "Associate" to see a list of "Layaways." You have already created a button for "Special Orders" that an "Associate" can access without special privileges, yet they cannot access Layaways without FULL ACCESS to confidential information. This makes no sense and it extremely frustrating. Can you please add a "Layaways" button just like you did the "Special Orders" button on the Inventory page. Thank you very much!!!

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