Updated matrix & inventory systems are long overdue

beachcomberbibeachcomberbi Member Posts: 1

It is truly ridiculous that after years of using this expensive program there have been no basic updates to streamline the creation of items within a matrix, or to edit existing matrix items on a large scale. When adding a new item to the system that comes in 10 colors and 6 sizes, I am forced to click 60 tedious times to add create these matrix items. If a year later the prices for these items change, I am forced to edit every single item individually, 60 separate edits! What is this, the year 2000? Additionally, it should be EASY to add inventory—when the main page for an item is selected, there should be a simple inventory box right there on the page where inventory can be easily edited. I can't keep wasting my time being routed to a new windows to complete basic tasks in this program. Trying to train employees in Lightspeed Retail is futile when they have to work with such an inane set-up. It's time for Lightspeed to hire better computer scientists, code writers, and customer liaisons—either that or administrators that will push for bettered user improvement. Without more streamlined matrix and inventory structures, I will start looking for a new POS system.

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