Add "Job No." to Service/Workorders

NSimon102NSimon102 Member Posts: 13

We utilize the Service/Workorders section for repair items that are put in job bags with their own sequential number as "Job No." Our service centers often utilize only this number to identify the repair. We have created a workaround by adding the job bag number to the Customer "Title" to make it searchable within the Service/Workorder section. We also utilize the "Hook-in" Hook-out" fields to enter which service center has the job, which can be sorted but not the best solution for us.

We would LOVE to have additional searchable fields within the Service/Workorders section for: Job Number, Repair Center or something similar to distinguish who is repairing the item.

If memory serves me well, the Service section was designed originally for a bike shop. We are not a bike shop but handle thousands of repairs a year. We have created workarounds that are essentially bandaids but would love if Lightspeed could look into this and make adjustments for the Jewelry & Watch industry.


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  • arcticarctic Member Posts: 5

    Couldnt agree more, the whole service side needs an overhaul. We do infield service and having a built in calendar would be amazing

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