Refund back to a client without Adding product back into Inventory

LuckyDogKSLuckyDogKS Member Posts: 4

Support told me to create a Misc item to refund so that the specific item isn't added back to inventory. Doing it this method won't allow you to return back to credit card.

Can a checkmark be added to the refund tab items to denote whether it should or shouldn't be added back to inventory?


  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 904 

    What use case would necessitate not putting a refunded item back into inventory? Figure it's transferred ownership back to the retailer and it's on the retailer's books again. That's part and parcel of standard retail functionality.

    If the item would be returned to vendor or something then that would need to take place in the backoffice. And until the item was RTV'ed it is still an on-hand asset. If it's scrapped due to damage then that would also need to take place in the backoffice.

  • LuckyDogKSLuckyDogKS Member Posts: 4

    What would need to take place in the back office if it is damaged? Don't add it back into inventory and it saves me the step of later removing it.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 904 

    You can search on here for some methods, but from an accounting perspective it might be good to still handle this backoffice. I recall some retailers performing an RTV for the items, notating damage. That way if you'd like to assess the actual amount of damaged items you could see tangible data. Hopefully this scenario wouldn't happen a lot, so the backoffice work of handling them wouldn't be tremendous!

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