[R-Series API] Shops endpoint not returning all shops

JorgeJorge Member Posts: 4

1) When I query the "Shop.json" it only returns 47 of 51 active locations.

I can discover the missing locations by querying "Shop.json/{{shopId}}".

2) I have the same issue with the other endpoints (i.e. Sale.json?shopId={{shopId}}), it's as if the data for those locations is being omitted.

I didn't see any settings difference between the locations to determine why the data is being omitted.

Is there something that needs to be adjusted in location configuration so that it's data is sent through the API?



  • TrungTrung Member, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 22 moderator

    Hi @Jorge ,

    I just ran a test on your account using GET /API/V3/Account/{{accountID}}/Shop and it returned all 51 shops. Using GET /API/Account/{{accountID}}/Shop (omitting V3 in the URI) returns the same results.

    Can you tell me which "shopID" are missing in your request? Are missing shops always the same ones? Lastly, are you using any query parameters that could potentially omit some items?

  • JorgeJorge Member Posts: 4

    Hello @Trung ,

    Thank you for the quick reply. I am still getting 47 of 51 results.

    1) I revoked the token and re-authorized my app

    2) I'm using /API/V3/Account/{{accountID}}/Shop.json (no query parameters)

    3) The locations being omitted are: 1, 84, 85 & 70

    4) Yes, always missing the same shops from the response.

    All 4 locations were added to the system in the last Quarter, which was after my client credentials were issued. Could it be an issue with my specific ClientID?

  • TrungTrung Member, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 22 moderator

    Hi @Jorge ,

    Thank you for your quick reply. Upon further investigation, it looks like your user only has access to 47/51 locations.

    Please ask the admin of the account to grant you access to all locations.

  • JorgeJorge Member Posts: 4

    @Trung okay, where do we adjust that access in the dashboard?

    Currently, my user account is "Admin" role, and when I log into the lightspeed dashboard I can see the location data and reports for the locations.

  • JorgeJorge Member Posts: 4

    @Trung disregard, that resolved it. Thank you!

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