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Hello - We are looking for some clarification on the API endpoints to query the customer record that contains the following: Customer endpoint:

  • Customer First and Last Name
  • Contact information, phone, email
  • Customer Address for shipping

We are implementing an application to send their shipping information to Dispatch Track to trigger a shipping order.

Customer contact information and address should already appear when that endpoint is called with a customer id.

I have done that already but do not see it being returned. While checking Lightspeed retail online we can see all of the information pertaining to customers but are unable to return their contact and shipping information.

Please advise and thanks in advanced.



  • Ali_MasoumieAli_Masoumie Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 340 moderator


    You can get this information from the "Customer" endpoint by loading the "Contact" relation.


  • KAMGFXAKAMGFXA Member Posts: 6

    Ali - Thanks for the reply and reference. I'll take a look using your example.


  • KAMGFXAKAMGFXA Member Posts: 6

    Hi - We have been able to retrieve the customer information from the "Customer" endpoint by loading the "Contact" relation.


    However, while constructing our customer order data XML file for DispatchTrack. We found that some additional information is not coming through like:

    • "Instructions" - which are the notes on the customer's order in LS.
    • "Name of products purchased / Line items" - which are the products purchased
    • "$amount of products purchased / Line item"

    Is this information available in another relations endpoint that needs to be constructed with the customer endpoint + contact relation + order items?


    Thank you in advance.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 906 

    Sounds like you will also be needing to hit the Sale endpoint (, including the SaleLine relation. So there isn't a one-shot deal for pulling both customer details, sales details, and item details in a single API request. You will likely need to hit several endpoints to get all of the data you appear to be looking for.

  • KAMGFXAKAMGFXA Member Posts: 6

    Hello Gregarican - Per your reply outlining the various endpoints.

    This would apply to retrieving Instructions/Notes from internal team members on orders, correct?

    See attached, removed everything except one note example.

    We need to query the instructions and send them over to dispatch track and are having difficulty locating it with in the Sales endpoint.

  • KAMGFXAKAMGFXA Member Posts: 6

    Bump. Thank you in advance.

  • KAMGFXAKAMGFXA Member Posts: 6

    Bump - This would apply to retrieving Instructions/Notes from internal team members on orders, correct?

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 906 

    If you are hitting the Sale endpoint as I mentioned, then there are additional relations you can include in the API response. Including the Sale note and SaleLines note. As was mentioned in the Retail API documentation link that I provided. These relations include:

    • SaleLines
    • SaleLines.Discount
    • SaleLines.TaxClass
    • SaleLines.Note
    • SaleLines.Item
    • SaleNotes
    • SalePayments
    • SalePayments.PaymentType
    • SalePayments.CCCharge
    • SalePayments.SaleAccounts
    • SalePayments.Signatures
    • ShipTo
    • ShipTo.Contact
    • Customer
    • Customer.Contact
    • Discount
    • TaxCategory
    • TaxCategory.TaxCategoryClasses
    • Quote

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