Requesting Documentation About Template Data and Filters

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 I’m working on building some receipt templates and have looked through the example template. I see that the receipt template is broken down into macros which expect one or more data objects to be passed in. I have not found any documentation about the data structures which are passed into the templates from the CRM. Is there any examples you can provide for us users who are creating templates?

Just for example, the receipt macro is defined here: {% macro receipt(Sale,parameters,store_copy,options) %} and expects these four data objects. Of course I can examine the data that is passed in, but I would hope there would be some examples and documentation so that the template can account for the various possible conditions that will be encountered.

Along these same lines, there are various custom filters that are in the template such as 'pageWidthToCss', 'strlen', 'CompBool', 'noteformat' etc. These are custom filters which are not documented elsewhere and since users are not able to add their own filers, it would be nice to know what is available on this implementation.


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    After reaching out to support, I was informed that customizing templates was not supported (or recommended). The options at the top of the templates are the full extent of the customization.

    It would be great to provide a bit of documentation around the template data for teams like ours to create full page invoices, quotes, and order confirmations that match our branding. I know it is not something that would be supported by the Lightspeed support team, but even just some documentation about the data passed to the template would be very helpful.

    Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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