How do I request access to REST API's to retrieve ordered/voided line items with modifiers

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Hello Support Team

My company provides devices with integrated software to control the pouring of bar drinks based on recipes. We can interface to any POS through the use of REST API's that may be available or we ca intercept orders sent to a printer.

The required data that we need to retrieve is that which is normally printed on an order sent to the bartender, such as destination name, item status (order or void), item name and modifiers, quantity, ordered time, table, client, servers name, etc.

We only want to read your data and not modify it in any way.

To accomplish this, we would require access to the REST API's for your L-Series product and a sandbox environment. We are already in a similar development process for another software vendor and are working within a sandbox environment.

Today, I have submitted a Partner Application request and I would like to know the process or next steps that we need to follow.

Thank you

Costa Grigoropoulos

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  • Ali_MasoumieAli_Masoumie Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 312 moderator

    Hi @Costa,

    Your request will have to be evaluated by our Partnerships team first and after that they will reach out to you. In this case, I would like to advice you to wait for a while so that we can do the evaluation.


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