LS Retail Unusable again today! 5-14

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At this point, I don't think that anyone at Lightspeed will ever see this . . . or care, but here goes (again):

We went one weekend without any issues with Lightspeed Retail and . . . .almost predictably . . .Our account is unusable right now. Hmmmm . . .almost always the same time, on Saturdays. Right after lunch when all of North America is out Shopping!

Lightspeed Retail isn't scaling to the demand! I'll put it into language that maybe someone there can understand:

Enhancement Request: Fix your infrastructure so that hundreds or thousands of your customers don't have to suffer through your outages every weekend!

There -- that's my "enhancement request"

I'm about DONE!

Hey Lightspeed, define "small number" . It seems like I'm one of the unlucky ones almost every weekend now. I just count on Lightspeed being broken every Saturday afternoon at this point. When your response time from your servers goes way up (over 200ms, I've figure out), it affects ALL your users! Not just a small number!

Now THAT'S weird. I reported downtime on this day.

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    @alanlloyd getting the Lightspeed status e-mails today I thought of you. At least these today are being reflected in the status portal. 🤣

  • alanlloydalanlloyd Member Posts: 47 ✭

    Thanks dude! Someone's thinkin of me, I guess! Hang in there!

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