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dankrondankron Member Posts: 11

It would be great to be able to merge purchase orders. The problem we have especially with back orders stuff, is we receive one invoice from the supplier with multiple purchase orders in it which makes it really hard to receive the stock. Ideally we should be able to find all the purchase orders related to that invoice and merge them into one so we can receive the stock of that specific incoice.

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  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 908 

    Rather than this scenario, the converse should be the case. Most standard business practices allow one vendor invoice to be received in against multiple purchase orders. Since in the real world, vendors can ship out batches of merchandise that are fulfilling against multiple purchase orders.

    This has been a known functional gap in Retail going back for years now. It's been brought to the Lightspeed team's attention, but nothing has been done to address it. Other than a clumsy workaround of cloning the open purchase orders to receive against.

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