Discount Rules for free shipping on order amount and product categories

This is my first discussion in the Lightspeed community. I've been directed here by Michelle G , a product specialist, and she said to write a feature request.

So here goes.

Problem #1: The business I work for has quite a large selection of products and we don't want to be offering free shipping on products that are going to drastically reduce our margins so we want to limit it to the categories of our choice.

Problem #2: We don't want to sell $15 worth of product and then give away $15 for shipping, that makes no fiscal sense. So we want to be able to give free shipping to the '$' amount we think makes sense.

There's currently no discount rule for this and we don't want to give a discount code out for this particular option because it cancels out the other discount rules we have. This is obviously an issue and could hopefully be easily solved if it were a discount rule.

Hope we can get the help we need.

Jesse Fehr

Handles & More

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