Understanding Sales numbers: #Items, #Sales, #Sales Lines, Quantity Sold

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Four measures on Sales Reports are very similar to each other, and sometimes it can be a challenge to distinguish what they are each expected to do. These numbers are:

  • Item> # of Items
  • Sales> # of Sales
  • Sales Lines> # of Sales Lines
  • Sales Lines> Quantity Sold

Each of these numbers help bring insight to different analyses.

Let's look at two sales to see how these numbers compare:

Items # of Items

# of Items refers to the count of unique products that are present across all sales. Across all your Inventory, every System ID has a value of 1.

In the report above, the unique products are the Basil, the Strawberries, and Misc Halloween. Strawberries shows up twice in the data, and it's correct that 1 item was present on Sale 447 and on Sale 560, but it is the same Product. Also, the value is always positive.

Sales # of Sales

# of Sales refers to the count of unique Sales that present in the data. Each Sale has a value of 1.

In the report above, Sale 447 is 1, and sale 560 is also 1. Also, the value again is always positive

(# of Sales is one of the measures we use to calculate Sales by Hour of Day, so that we can start thinking about how much customer volume we can anticipate)

Sale Line # of Sale Lines

# of Sale Lines refers to the count of unique lines on the accompanying Sale in R-Series.

In the report above Sale 447 has two lines:

Sale 560 has three:

So the total on this report is five. Once again, the value of Sales Lines is always positive.

(# of Sales lines is a number that we use to recreate discounts, as well as to determine average basket size)

Sale Line Quantity Sold

Finally, we arrive at Quantity Sold, which is the count of how many physical products went into the customer's cart (or, came back from the customer)

In this model, 2 Basil products were sold, 4 Strawberries products were sold, and 2 Misc Halloween products were sold. So our total Quantity Sold is 8. (The Quantity Sold can also be negative, if an item is returned or is part of an exchange)

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