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dwelldwell Member Posts: 9

can anyone tell me how I could disable the "Buy Now" button for a specific range of products? We have a supplier who won't allow us to sell their products online and are demanding that we change "Buy Now" to "Contact us to purchase". I realise how ridiculous this is and i'm beyond annoyed but if the solution is simple enough I guess we'll give it a go.

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  • BaseballBaseball Member Posts: 4

    I'll second this request - it's frustrating but applicable in a wide range of scenarios.

    I want to make sure our customers know we have the product even though the supplier restriction only allows it to be bought in store. I understand the shipping weight workaround for in-store pick up, but I'm looking to disable the purchase button on select product.

    Any graceful solutions?

  • DevKingDevKing Member Posts: 1

    We had a similar issue what we solved by using the custom template data option in a product and editing the code in product.rain in the code editor.


    Find the add to cart button in product.rain and add if / else around it.

    {% if product.data_01 | lower == 'hidden' %} x {% else %} x {% endif %}


    Go to the product that you want to hide an add 'hidden' to Data 01 at the custom template data section.

    This is how we did it. Hope its usefull. :)

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