Issue with Lightspeed API for data import (inventory transfer process)

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Hello there; can someone please review the below via our developer?

Long story short, we use the Lightspeed API to import data from another website (as part of our inventory transfer process). This process has been functioning fine for months and months, but we ran into an issue this morning where it is suddenly no longer working.

Our developer mentioned that he got an email about 1 month ago regarding changes to the Lightspeed API, although our data importing process has been working fine for the last few weeks (until this morning).

Any idea what might be going on? Can you please have someone that knows the Lightspeed API review the below? Thank you.


Via developer:

I have narrowed down the issue:

- Lightspeed is rejecting the "'Inventory/Transfer.json'" (sometimes) and "'Inventory/Transfer/'.$transferID.'/AddItems.json'" (all the time) 

-> with error JSON object as INVALID

-> Because the issue with Create Transfer is only sometimes, this leads me to think the issue is with Lightspeed API? 


- See below: "Sometimes-create-transfer-fails.png"

-> It fails saying JSON is invalid

- I used an online service to validate the json and it is valid (also see below: "CreateTransfer-json-is-valid")

I run AGAIN (same call)

-> this time CreateTransfer succeeds: (see below: "Create-works-transferItems-fails.png")

-> But the next call to add the items is failing

-> Green shows successful API commands and red is failing API commands 

-> I again validate the JSON of the items to add and it is valid (also see below)

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