Retail logging users out when they enter their PIN - PIN Login Loop Problem

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Transcript follows.

Known issue? Let's make this public so it's even more widely known.

See timestamp 07:29:04 for the gist of this:

Chat started on 25 May 2022, 07:24 PM (GMT+0)

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Account ID: xxxxxxx

Cashiers complaining that LS is logging them out when they use their PIN to make a new sale.

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Hi! Thank you for your Account ID. My name is Chi and I will be assisting you today.


Taking a look above


Is it reflecting on all users?




DO NOT Reset my users though!


That screws-up the listing of 100 lines throughout lightspeed rather than the default of 15.


This has happened before and it usually happens before LS has some major outage.


Clearing the browser cache doesn't do anything.


Taking a look


Are you working with Chrome or Firefox?




But I have seen this problem in both Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Firefox on Linux.


in the past


This is just flaky Lightspeed behaviour that has nothing to do with our browsers, PCs, network, etc.


It would appear your account is being affected by a known issue, for which our technicians are currently working on a resolution. At present, we do not have an expected timeframe, for the resolution of this issue. However, we have taken note that your account has been affected by this issue. We will alert you, once we have updates regarding this issue. For the moment, disable the "Require PIN before sale" in Settings > General Options. Instead of switching account with PIN, you can sign-out and in with username and password.


I have unchecked the setup option to require my cashiers to enter a PIN before a sale . . . at least for today.


Looks like I'm way ahead of you.


I'll post this transcript to the Lightspeed Community board now.


Thanks for your help.


Yes, I can see that it is unchecked! I'll link your account to this issue for now


Anything else I can help?


No. Thank you.

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    Had to look here to find this post. I've been banging my head against the wall trying to log in.

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    Hmmmm....yet there was no e-mail blast about the issue as would happen for the Status Page Incident notifications. Seems like at least 1-2 times a week there is something impactful that affects retailers. And it's not choosing Chrome instead of Firefox, nor is it forgetting to clear the cache...

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    Why not just post ALL known issues publicly? I think it'd be pretty useful and make for less tech support for Lightspeed to have to do. But what do I know?

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    Thank you SO much for posting this chat, we no longer feel like crazy people (I contacted support and they wouldn't acknowledge it as an issue).

    Most of our users do not have external login rights, so the 'workaround' is pretty useless.

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