"Items" view, sort by "QTY" has gone missing!

BlueMountainMusicBlueMountainMusic Member Posts: 48 ✭

Hi there,

In "Items" view, in Inventory, you were able to sort your search results by "QTY" - quantity on hand. Now you can no longer click on QTY to sort results that way. You can still sort by Name, Tax status, UPC, SKU, most of which are less useful than sorting by Quantity.

Will Sort by QTY be returning?



  • Laura6293Laura6293 Member Posts: 6


    We are having the same issue here @ Factory Direct Furniture! Option we use daily, will this option be returning??

  • ch_baucomch_baucom Member Posts: 10

    We are having the same issue. Please add this feature back.

  • GoblinTownGamesGoblinTownGames Member Posts: 2

    Please add this back in, it's a feature I use to determine what we're missing for different products. I'm hoping this was not an intentional removal and it can be fixed asap.

  • adele122adele122 Member Posts: 2

    We are having the same issue and it is our main way of searching for in stock products. Causing lots of headaches and down time. Please make this a priority to reinstall!

  • BlueMountainMusicBlueMountainMusic Member Posts: 48 ✭

    I received a message through a chat window in LS, it was only up for a moment but I think the gist of it was that the function should be returning soon.

    Not sure what they're working on, but I'm hoping it's a "Backordered Items" column in Item Search view ;)

  • VergOpManVergOpMan Member Posts: 1

    Having issues using the sort by quantity feature still, hoping to get some kind of timeline when we can expect it to be back. Its adding significant time to our orders process by not being able to sort through the available quantities.

  • paulsphotopaulsphoto Member Posts: 2

    Same here at Paul's Photo for some time now. Please bring this back Lightspeed. I have to do an inventory count in July. You're going to make my job a living nightmare! :/

  • BlueMountainMusicBlueMountainMusic Member Posts: 48 ✭

    Yes, over a week now and it's quite disruptive! Really hoping this gets addressed. Suprised there hasn't been any formal acknowledgement that I know of on the forums here.

  • tpbolatpbola Member Posts: 20 ✭

    It's frustrating because it is such a basic function. I'm sure there is some reason behind it but it is still hard to explain to users that it is gone for "reasons" and will be back "sometime?"

  • tpbolatpbola Member Posts: 20 ✭

    I didn't realize this was intentional by LS. See attached Release Note.

  • BlueMountainMusicBlueMountainMusic Member Posts: 48 ✭

    Why does it say "Improved", like this is making something better? And they're not even certain they'll EVER restore it?? This is terrible. How are they possibly choosing to make this POS system worse?

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 901 

    It boils down to a quicker, cheaper "fix." When performance issues crept into the sorting mechanism, rather than optimize it they removed the functionality entirely.

    Kind of like when you go to the doctor and complain your arm hurts when you move it in a certain way. And the doctor just says, "Well, don't move it that way." Problem solved...lol.

  • GoblinTownGamesGoblinTownGames Member Posts: 2
    edited June 9

    If there are "certain circumstances" that are causing the issue, correct those, don't take away a function that I use daily. This is a function I need for our POS. I need to not only be able to see what items we don't have in stock, but which items are low on stock so that I can re-order them before we run out. I don't have time to scroll through thousands of items to see which ones are down to 1 or 2.

    I also need to be able to see which items are at a negative, for whatever reason, so that I can fix it. Not being able to sort by quantity is something that needs to be re-implemented ASAP. If an inventory management service doesn't help streamline my business, it's not much use to me.


    I just found this on another thread. You can still sort by quantity if you use the Quick Edit Tab.

  • woodburngameswoodburngames Member Posts: 1

    Losing this functionality is really frustrating. We use sort by Qty weekly for reordering. The Quick Edit list is not a suitable substitute for the processes we have at our store.

    Please bring this back ASAP.

  • BlueMountainMusicBlueMountainMusic Member Posts: 48 ✭

    Does this sort of thing ring "distant early warning" alarm bells for anyone else? Refusal to add any kind of backorder reports or views, and the removal of sorting by quantity with no clear plans to reinstate... utterly basic POS essentials. It's like walking in to a store and each time there is less and less on the shelves, you naturally feel like since they're not investing anything in the business maybe they're on the way out?

    These are coding problems, they've been solved by many, many others and all that was needed was to spend some money on coders / programmers. Programmers solve problems.

  • BEVVBEVV Member Posts: 20

    Hi - we need this function as well - in order to find things for customers as they are waiting.....when will we be able to sort by availability?

  • ch_baucomch_baucom Member Posts: 10

    I also requested that this feature be brought back 13 days ago and still crickets. I am shocked that this was an intentional change. We need this feature to run our daily business. Light Speed please respond and fix this problem.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 901 

    Did anyone try what was mentioned up in this thread a bit?

    At least it's a workaround. Seeing that no one from Lightspeed has really replied with anything tangible that I've seen on here...

  • deksdeks Member Posts: 8

    Agreed this is a major pain. I chatted with tech support who has no idea of fix timeline, at least as of last week. As mentioned, there's a couple far-from-ideal, semi-workarounds:

    1. Quick Edit allows sorting by quantity, but doesn't help for multi-store users.
    2. Reports, Inventory Assets can also kind of sort by qty.
    3. Could probably dump out to csv.

    I'm trying to decide whether to start spamming their tech support or social media next.

  • MaineAlpacaMaineAlpaca Member Posts: 1

    This is crazy!! Retail businesses need this feature. How can you offer a platform for retail and take away this function??? Lightspeed will be losing a lot of customers.

  • MissMMissM Member Posts: 8

    Seriously - why would they remove this???

  • MissMMissM Member Posts: 8

    Seriously - why would they remove this???

  • desi00desi00 Member Posts: 3

    Yea, this feature needs to come back. We use it all the time for choosing which products to put on sale, which items need re-ordering etc. Lightspeed please bring this feature back.

  • paulsphotopaulsphoto Member Posts: 2

    A whole month and still no fix. Please keep this thread at the top until LS gets it together. Come on Lightspeed!!! We need this back!

  • storepawsstorepaws Member Posts: 1

    Still waiting for this to get fixed. This is vital for our business to operate. Its is daily usage for us and this is unacceptable. Any eta if this will be getting fixed or gonna have to change company.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 901 

    I'd be surprised if anyone gets a substantial response from Lightspeed's staff. Typically operational questions that are posted can sometimes gain a reply as to how to do X, Y, and Z. Maybe up until Vanessa left Lightspeed, feature enhancement requests would get the canned response that the suggestion will be passed along to the development team for possible inclusion in a new release. But when it comes to flat-out system bugs, flaws, and failed functionality...just a lot of crickets and that's about it.

    Maybe try reaching out to your Lightspeed account manager. If they hear about losing out on retailers who won't renew their annual contract, and who will leave the platform for a better one, that might be a good angle to take.

  • PeteStidPeteStid Member Posts: 1

    Jumping on the bandwagon here-- this was something we used dozens of times per day to see what we have in stock. It's a very useful feature and something that we hope is a high priority for bringing back. Probably wouldn't be too hard to replace?

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