Can I scan in UPC or SKUs using scanner?

AimeeRAimeeR Member Posts: 1

Hello, I'm brand new here, just working on my import spreadsheet. My question is this... do I really have to manually enter in each SKU on that spreadsheet? Or, is there a way for me to go back (after the initial import) and use my scanner to input the SKU? Thank you in advance for your help!



  • alanlloydalanlloyd Member Posts: 75 ✭

    Just open an Excel (or any kind of) spreadsheet, select a cell and scan a bar code. You'll see that . . . yes . . . you can scan just about damned near anything into any software. There's nothing magical about a scanner. It just takes graphical information (bar codes) and turns it into numbers as if you typed it on the keyboard.

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