Multiple issues in the last couple weeks

sbergbikessbergbikes Member Posts: 1
  1. Unable to sort inventory by price or quantity. The pop up shows "Price sorting has been temporarily disabled due to the number of results exceeding 500". This is extremely frustrating for my sales staff and should be a basic function of any POS system. As a premier POS system for retailers this is unacceptable. This needs to be fixed asap.
  2. When creating work orders from a customer profile the system no longer remembers customer information in the "possible matches" field on the right. This has worked for years and just suddenly stopped working. It's very frustrating to ask a customer for their name and/or phone number only to have to do it again to create a work order for them.
  3. If you incorrectly input your employee PIN at any point (e.g. creating a new sale, creating a new work order, etc.) the system logs you out. This also didn't happen until recently and is very frustrating to deal with.

Typically Lightspeed is pretty quick to address these issues, so I haven't raised any concerns. But after multiple weeks of these ongoing issues it's becoming increasingly frustrating. Is there any plan to address these issues in the near future?


  • ummmimrobummmimrob Member Posts: 14 ✭

    I couldn't agree more! What the heck is going on at Lightspeed? They definitely are not looking at this message board and even if you call they just say "ya we know, we're working on it... indefinitely". I will certainly be looking at alternatives when my contract is up. They don't seem to care at all about the quality of there product.

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