Customer Interface Faulty Invoices - Customers Feel "Ripped Off"

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This issue was first reported to Lightspeed by us March 06, 2020 and updated consistently to present.

We continue to receive frequent emails/calls from customers thinking that they have overpaid for their orders as customer interface pricing data displays higher, arbitrary prices on items compared to what displays on our store's backend, payment invoices and website.

As you can surely understand, customers feeling "ripped off" by our store is not good for business. Ensuring accurate invoice data for our customers is a fundamental and essential functionality.

To make a simple comparison, it would be like incorrect information printing on a customer's receipt at a grocery store showing that they paid more than they actually did - resulting in an irritated customer coming back to your store and then having to prove that they actually paid less than what is on their receipt. We're at a loss for words to communicate our disbelief and frustration that incorrect pricing data continues to be displayed in the customer accounts.

Has anybody else encountered this and/or found any solutions? Examples in attachments below.

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    Is it possible that you have an online price in the retail data? I have to leave the online price at $0. If you have a number in there, it doesn't get updated when the price increases. It is also useless, because if you have a sale, it doesn't show as a discount, it just shows online as the real price. (MSRP and Online Price are two useless and annoying fields, if you ask me.) But that might be neither here nor there if that isn't your issue. When I've had wrong prices, it's been the online price causing problems for me.

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