Employee Roles should offer more specific settings

MarcusPALMarcusPAL Member Posts: 4

The default Employee Role of Associate grants them the ability to create, edit and archive/unarchive items with the Inventory - Product Create & Edit item. That means you have to turn off all of those features if you don't want them to be able to archive/unarchive an item. There should be 3 discreet role settings:

Item Create

Item Edit

Item Archive/Unarchive

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  • YarnPatchHeatherYarnPatchHeather Member Posts: 8

    They should have one for viewing the sales in inventory. What if a product is defective and you need to notify the people who bought that item? It is helpful if my staff can see who bought a specific item, but it doesn't see to be a role I can add to employees without granting them other rights I don't want them to have.

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