Safety Stock for Store with Brick & Mortar and Ecom

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With our previous POS system there was a way to apply a "Safety Stock" level to an item to allow for an inventory buffer level to prevent fulfillment issues. For instance, in a Brick and Mortar environment, and item might sell online and then sell in store before we had a chance to pull it for the Ecom order. This can happen very easily with high volume items.

With our previous POS system we would set a safety stock of 1 for high volume items, and if we only had 1 left in stock of a high volume item the ecom platform would know not to render that item on our website. You could set this at the item specific level. For low volume items we wouldn't set a safety stock level.

This is a gap in Lightspeed's offerings. We really need this option to continue to use Lightspeed's ecommerce platform with our brick and mortar locations.

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  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 901 

    Do you have Lightspeed Retail for POS and Lightspeed E-Com for the online sales? I thought that Lightspeed was an omni-channel solution. If it is, wouldn't the sync process not allow this to happen?

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