Request to bring Lightspeed Onsite back!

MaheMahe Member Posts: 2

Greetings all,

After using Lightspeed onsite for 10 years, i am unable to digest the fact that it is not available anymore, the features and simple way to use, made it one of the best POS system.

Thought of starting this discussion to see how many would actually wish "Onsite" was available.


  • markhmarkh Member Posts: 3

    Onsite is an impressive software system. We used it for about 10 years and I still maintain a server so we can access historical data.

    The Onsite architects and designers really seemed to have the retail environment well figured out. They knew what they were doing. And I truly believe they tested their product. Testing and configuration control are basic tenets of software development which now seem lacking. I'm speaking from 30+ years of software development experience at a major aerospace company.

    I appreciate the fact that LS Retail is cloud based, and I no longer have to maintain the system as carefully. There are some things it does better, but many features are not up to the level of quality of Onsite. Reports and labels to name a few.

    I would be more than happy to use Onsite again if it became cloud-based and if it had a client which could tolerate network outages. That would be a very robust system!

  • TcNurseryTcNursery Member Posts: 21 ✭

    I agree 100%

    I miss how easy OnSite was to use, less clicking.

  • macguymacguy Member Posts: 1

    Totally agree with all of you. Mahe, glad you started this post.

    MarkH, impressive 30 years in dev, what are you doing now with Lightspeed?

  • SerdiukSerdiuk Member Posts: 3

    OnSite was perfect for our needs. Selling automotive parts and labour, with a large proportion of sales being telephone sales with our trade advisors.

    I foolishly believed that Retail would work for us, as I thought we are similar to the Bike Shop model.

    The search facility was far superior with Onsite, with everything that was required on one screen. The only advantage we have found with Retail is that it's a cloud based system.

    Retail has made our day to day operations much more difficult. If anyone has found a suitable alternative to OnSite please let me know.

  • hajocarlhajocarl Member Posts: 1

    Hi all, it's been a while since the last post here and I am hoping to find some help here for a serious issue we're having with Lightspeed OnSite 2018 3.0.3 (stayed on this because of

    In June 22, regular backups stopped working for unknown reasons and while we had Time Machine and Backblaze backups of our server, the worst scenario came true and we had what seems like a hard drive failure on the Lightspeed server Mac. I was able to install the server on another Mac and restore to the June backup but that's obviously not the best outcome with many many quotes, invoices and orders lost and products not up-to-date.

    I've tried to restore the last Time Machine backup to yet another Mac and while it was successful in restoring the data, the Lightspeed Server app won't start. Initially the Advanced options of the system preference showed a misconfiguration and an inability to modify /etc/sysctl.conf so I made a duplicate and removed the original. The configuration change was then possible and looks ok there as far as the preference pane is concerned. When I try to start the server it briefly blips to Starting then goes to Stopped again. Console entries don't seem to show anything of value or concern.

    Clearly this is a bit of a hack attempt and all kinds of checksums etc don't match, but does anyone know a way to make this work? We would only need to get it working long enough to create a successful backup and could then restore that to the second Mac, or start over with a fresh install somewhere.

    Also, has anyone attempted to contact Lightspeed support and ask for help there? I know it's not supported anymore officially, but maybe for some kind of fee this could be an option?

    Thanks for any pointers to find a solution for this issue.

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