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The title is pretty self explanatory: LET CUSTOMER ENTER THEIR OWN PHONE NUMBER ON CFD

Does this post need more explanation???

I have 2 tablets, the one the sales person uses and the one where the customer confirms their order and adds tip.

on the Customer Facing Display I need the customer to enter their own phone number so that we can eliminate the need for a third party loyalty program and stick with Lightspeed's.


A concerned customer.



  • guzmandd11guzmandd11 Member Posts: 1

    This is a good comment and i respect your comment

  • amajors56amajors56 Member Posts: 1

    Sounds like such a simple thing that could easily be implemented. Let's hope the powers at be see this, as I think letting a customer enter their number would be a big help!

  • HarlesDarwinHarlesDarwin Member Posts: 1

    Definitely self explanatory...this should be taken care of as soon as possible in my opinion. No reason why the customer shouldn't be able to if you want them to. It makes things much smoother.

  • johnlee88johnlee88 Member Posts: 1

    totally agree with you here and it seems like a pretty easy fix/implementation too. Would be very beneficial for small business owners for sure!

  • GeorgeCuriousGeorgeCurious Member Posts: 1

    Your ideas make a whole of a lot of sense. Truly, any small business could gain from from enabling their customers to enter their own phone on CFD, adds so much convenience and efficiency.

  • tokententokenten Member Posts: 1

    This idea can help a lot of small business get their in foot in the door.Thank you for the insight

  • Diego2034Diego2034 Member Posts: 1

    Very helpful information here bro, thank you for sharing this with us.

  • leengasim4545leengasim4545 Member Posts: 1

    I completely concur with you on this, and it appears to be a rather simple implementation/fix as well. Allowing customers to input their own phones on CFD increases the simplicity and efficiency that any small business might benefit from.

  • todkotodko Member Posts: 1

    That makes super sense to me! Plus it eliminates trying to understand a customer who maybe is more akin to a language other than English and having to repeatedly ask for the phone number.

  • JDavis82JDavis82 Member Posts: 1

    Seems like a good reason to me. Eliminate the need for so much technology

  • weebmanweebman Member Posts: 1

    this would help a business by allowing a person who knows their phone number very well to type their own number, causing a lower chance of a typo. that would save everyone the trouble

  • HamptonHampton Member Posts: 73 ✭

    @feelgoodshopllc - This is the main reason we do not have the CFD. This would be awesome if the customer could do Email/Phone number

  • filip2004filip2004 Member Posts: 1

    Let's hope the powers at be see this, as I think letting a customer enter their number would be a big help!

  • davidbrown24648836davidbrown24648836 Member Posts: 1

     It makes things much smoother.

  • AldenAlden Member Posts: 1

    I think this will save a small business allot of time and frustration with their phone service

  • chyranchyran Member Posts: 1

    I definitely think this is a good idea. It will streamline everything.

  • marsh91marsh91 Member Posts: 1

    seems good idea totally agree with and i think this would help small business too much.

  • pdunnpdunn Member Posts: 1

    I work in customer service and the less time and hassle it takes to verify information the better..

  • desi00desi00 Member Posts: 8

    This has been an issue for us as well and seems like it shouldn't be an afterthought. We did a workaround with this by adding a profile for customers to enter all their own information, so we log into that and have them fill it out. It would be so much more convenient if it was part of the customer facing display.

  • addix000addix000 Member Posts: 1

    Making a profile base on customers phone numbers and offering them points in exchange for each transaction can really help a small-time business.

    I think this is a great idea.

  • adamwillliveadamwilllive Member Posts: 1

    I think this would be a good idea for new and existing businesses to try.

  • Integragirl1Integragirl1 Member Posts: 1

    Sounds like a great way to do business.

  • yasir99yasir99 Member Posts: 1

    It's an excellent suggestion. This will help small businesses

  • djdajonnettedjdajonnette Member Posts: 1

    The  Customer to enter their own phone number is a bright idea! This makes perfect sense, I completely agree with process. this is a smart helpful business idea, I'm hope that the powers that be will use this idea.

  • jon007007jon007007 Member Posts: 1

    If it will help the customers then I am all for it!

  • RepairLoungeRepairLounge Member Posts: 11

    +1 for this, I don't use CFD as it is pointless with workorders, but I would use it if customers could enter their own details. Loads of other POS systems have the ability to do this now. It would be especially useful for taking all customer details which are a little tricky to spell or customers who are difficult to understand... eliminate spelling mistakes on their account and less hassle over not being able to contact them because we took a wrong number or spelled their email incorrectly.

  • TomBTomB Member, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 27 moderator
    edited October 18

    @feelgoodshopllc Thanks for creating this suggestion, we always thought it would improve the sale & customer registration flow to let the customer enter their contact information and prevent any typos or misunderstandings.

    We're very exited to be releasing this feature today. Your customers are now able to update their information or create their profile via the CFD. There are 4 fields available: first name, last name, mobile phone number and email. For Lightspeed Hub CFD users you'll need to update to version 1.7.0 and for browser CFD simply reload it.

    From the register screen you are now able to push a message to the CFD for the customer to fill in their contact information. To accommodate non-touch screens, a QR code is displayed on the CFD for your customers to scan and update their information using their mobile phone.

    We hope you enjoy this feature

  • RepairLoungeRepairLounge Member Posts: 11

    @TomB This works great on the sales register, but there is no option to push a message to the CFD from the "Find or Create New Customer" page when starting a work order. Would it be possible to add it there too?

    One more thing: it would be good if it showed that the customer already has an account and let us select the existing account, rather than it creating a new one every time - as it currently allows duplicate accounts to be created.

  • TomBTomB Member, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 27 moderator

    @RepairLounge Glad to hear it works well on the register page.

    Adding this feature on the work order create page seems like something we could implement as well in the near future as it serves the same purpose.

    At the moment we're re-working the customer search functionality to increase its performance so it may be a good follow up to do a customer search once we get the information back from the CFD and prompt with matching results to avoid creating duplicate customers.

    Will bring this to the team, thanks for the feedback.

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