Retail Known (and annoying) Issues: status update 6-15-22

alanlloydalanlloyd Member Posts: 75 ✭

Here's an update on Retail problems admitted by Lightspeed as known issues. After all, SOMEONE should communicate this stuff, so I guess I (I'm just a user, BTW) will do so:

1) Users logged-out from Retail when they enter their PIN. Users unable to login. Login loop. Whatever name you want to call it.

Status: Unresolved for weeks.

2) Frequent database failure when trying to redeem gift cards.

Status: Unresolved for weeks.

3) Credit card terminal activation when user clicks "start payment" sometimes takes MINUTES.

Status: Unresolved for months.

4) Inability to sort on inventory level or price in Inventory databases.

Status: Unresolved for weeks.

5) Weekly outages due to problems at Cloudflare or Amazon Web Services, or exceeding Lightspeed's server capacity.

Status: Still happening after first appearing in late February.

Please respond to this post if you know if any of this has changed. I'll copy and paste a new status update at least weekly until this s#!t is fixed. I think it's astounding that any of this has gone on for more than a day or two.

Happy Wednesday!



  • missinglinksammissinglinksam Member Posts: 13

    If anyone has any bright ideas on how we can exert collective pressure on Lightspeed to actually give a sh!t, I'm here for it. I can't remember ever feeling this disrespected by a company I do business with. They're worse than Comcast. Like, it's astonishing that they're even able to get/retain customers at this point. They so openly do not care whatsoever.

  • Uncle_MiltonUncle_Milton Member Posts: 67 ✭

    you missed one that has been haunting my store for over a year now... in a service order: if you search a part number that is in one of the vendor catalogues but NOT in your inventory it will add it a new inventory record even when catalogue search is turned off... which on the surface sounds beneficial right?? WRONG... it adds catalogue cost (which is usually USF), adds in new vendors or different spelling or wording for existing vendors, adds in new brands some of which are already in our system but named slightly different and leaves you with 15 minutes of inventory record clean up assuming you notice it. Reported this to them over a year ago and again about 4 months ago with an open ticket and no response.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 926 

    I'm sure y'all must have forgotten to clear your browser cache and cookies as well as tried Firefox instead of Chrome? 🙄😂

  • herbalaltherbalalt Member Posts: 6

    I had an issue they blamed on using safari. I sent them screenshots of the same thing happening on chrome and Firefox and they never replied to the ticket.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 926 

    I managed an internal IT help desk for a larger corporation years ago. Help desks at other locations would employ this classic stalling tactic. If there is a known issue but the root cause hasn't yet been determined, rather than just tell the enduser that...have them jump through initial first-step troubleshooting hoops to stall things. A few back and forth volleys in hopes that the problem will magically disappear during that

  • ShootersshedShootersshed Member Posts: 147 

    Issue 75: Product name has a dash (-) in it, the product can't be found in search.

    Status: Unresolved for 2 years.

    Issue 76: Changing a customer on a workorder removes the products details.

    Status: Unresolved.

    Issue 77: Serial numbers system simply doesn't work.....

    Status: Unresolved for 2 years.

    Issue 78: Having a Company name as the customer means no information in the customer section.

    Status: Unresolved for 2 years.

    Plus so many more I've forgotten.

  • kbeckwithkbeckwith Member Posts: 5

    It's possible to sell a gift card without scanning the gift card. Unresolved for months.

  • kbeckwithkbeckwith Member Posts: 5

    Can't recycle gift cards. Unresolved for months.

  • dustinbdustinb Member Posts: 13

    I really wish they would address the selling a giftcard without scanning a number or at least have the option to turn that on or off. Also, we haven't been able to properly recycle giftcards since they switched us to the "new" system in November - the new system is full of glitches. The old system worked perfect and gave us zero issues for the last 6+ years. Why switch something that isn't broken and then make it worse?

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