Purchase Order Improvement

JackieJackie Member Posts: 2

The process of receiving purchase items on a purchase order is a bit clunky. When receiving inventory there are two main things we need to know;

1) the retail price

2) if we have any of the item already in inventory. The current inventory level is available when the purchase order is in the ordered status but not the check-in status.

We generally use the item search box when receiving to show the item info, but then have to click to see the inventory level. It just takes extra time.

It would also be helpful to see the "batches" of items received together. We deal with a lot of back orders and right now there isn't any way to know if we received all the items at one time or in different shipments without going into the individual item. Make it really hard to see if we are being billed correctly.


  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 926 

    Another notable gap in this area pertains to you have to receive all items in that are on a single PO. No partial receiving allowed. Which flies in the face of most standard real world scenarios, seeing that vendors usually cannot fulfill an entire larger PO with just a single shipment. So the retailer has to duplicate the PO with the remaining open items as a clunky workaround.

  • YarnPatchHeatherYarnPatchHeather Member Posts: 8

    To add to @gregarican 's point, this means that I cannot use my quickbooks linked accounting to actually track amounts owed to vendors. I have lost the ability to reconcile back to my vendors statements, which is pretty poopy.

  • JasoncJasonc Member Posts: 1

    To add to this, maybe they can figure out how to simply put a "History" button on the side menu to show historical data on what items where received on the PO and when they were received so we can do partial received shipments as they arrive. To take that a step further maybe even add a "check box" in that history screen to show that this shipment or item has been invoiced and paid for. This would track what POs/Invoices have been received partially or fully as well as what has and has not been paid for. my previous system had a place to log in the invoice number with each order this helped me reference what has and has not been paid and when a manufacture would call asking about a specific invoice I had all that information in one location it was a great feature that I miss today! Not everyone using LS is using a integrated accounting system these functions would help those of us..

  • CycleHeavenCycleHeaven Member Posts: 2

    Hi I agree that seeing the Retail price and current inventory levels would help when receiving against a PO. I also think that, in light of how quickly and regularly prices are changing, it would be helpful to be able to see a column showing Margin. With this information, it would be immediately clear if retail price needed to change, in order to maintain margin.

    Regarding partial receipt of a PO, I guess it might help to have another PO status defined, such as 'Partial receipt', in addition to the existing 'Open', 'Ordered', 'Check In' and 'Finished'.

  • rlindauerrlindauer Member Posts: 1
    edited July 7

    I just spoke to a support rep now trying to figure out how to better utilize purchase orders. He assured me I can "check-in" partial shipments.... sounds like you're saying this is NOT the case?

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