Checkout API Endpoint Custom Fields

jakedavjakedav Member Posts: 2

QQ: Looking for help with the checkout API. Firstly, I have a script that pulls the .json data for all checkouts, but when looking in the Lightspeed admin page, there are many more orders than what is extracted by the endpoint using the "GET" method for all checkouts.

In the orders API endpoint, there is some discussion that says that orders can be created in multiple different places. My question is, how are the orders created in the "backoffice (offer)" portion and how can I get these orders.

I can simply use "GET all orders" because there are custom fields attached to the Checkout that can only be pulled from checkouts.


  • Ali_MasoumieAli_Masoumie Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 340 moderator

    The Checkout endpoint will return a maximum of 250 results. To get the rest of the data, you can use the "page filter".

  • jakedavjakedav Member Posts: 2

    Hi, @Ali_Masoumie my current response only gets 28 lines of data, so I don't think it's an limit issue. There seems to be multiple ways for people to make orders, not just with the checkout api. When I go to the documentation for order endpoint it states that orders can be placed in the back office (offer) or front office through the checkout api. However, the order api endpoint does not have custom fields attached to it. Therefore I don't know how to get orders that were not created through the checkout api

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