Bad request (400) - POST /resto/oauth2/v1/token

piosidpiosid Member Posts: 1

After a couple of months, this endpoint suddenly stopped working, without any changes in code. The way that we create requests is below:

public async Task<OAuthTokenOutput> RefreshToken(string refreshToken)
    var basicAuthHeader = $"{_apiSettings.ClientId}:{_apiSettings.ClientSecret}".Base64Encode();

    var content = new Dictionary<string, object>
        {"grant_type", "refresh_token"},
        {"client_id", _apiSettings.ClientId},
        {"client_secret", _apiSettings.ClientSecret},
        {"refresh_token", refreshToken}
        var oAuthTokenResponse = await _lightSpeedApi.RefreshToken($"Basic {basicAuthHeader}", content);

        return oAuthTokenResponse;
    catch (Exception ex)
        _logger.LogError(ex, "RefreshToken failed.");

Have any idea why it stops working, without changes in the code base?

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